Tonfall – getting started

Discovering the tonfall library from André Michelle I just wanted to make a simple sound with it and realised this is not really documented very well. This has left me dropping it for a while but since I would like to test what can be done with the flash audio possibilities on AIR I wanted to try it again.

If you want to start with tonfall you have to dig through some demo’s and see what’s going on behind the sound visualisation extra’s and so forth without actually telling you what’s done. So here is a simple way to see what’s what and how to get a tone from tonfall:

Now you want to mix two sinewaves after this? You can add a mixer on the sound engine and mix incoming sources:

First remove the engine.input ‘wiring’ from the previous example and then:

I hope this post will help you to get started with the tonfall library a bit quicker. Here’s also a CS6 .fla download file which you can link to the Tonfall library: tonfall.fla

adminTonfall – getting started

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  1. Taurus

    There’s the line
    engine.processors.push( sinewave2 );
    missing after creating the sinewave2. Otherwise it won’t mix in the second sine wave.

    Thanks for the example!

    1. Post

      Thanks Taurus, I’ve added it in the source and provided a .fla download for the complete 2 channel example.

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