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Tinkering around with the Arduino has become common sport for a lot of electronic enthousiasts all over the world. Understandable because with a bit of interest in electronics and programming you can easily get impressive results.

My interest in this microprocessor programming (like the arduino) started quite a while ago with the Microchip PIC series (like the 12Cxxx series) but one type after another came out and Microchip’s IC production (and config variations) of those processors exceeded my learning capabilities…

But ok… so at first the Arduino looked like a bit overkill for me. Such a large board and (in my case) so little code… compared to the 8Pin smd Microchip PICs this was just too much.

But how can you go wrong in buying a $25 arduino, download the free programming language (on any platform) and get a $h#tload of libraries available to tinker with.

On top of that there are projects like the tinyduino and tips and tricks on minifying your arduino project and – if you really want to get going on your own arduino-powered-circuit-board-hardware-project there’s now this pcb layout┬ácalled Nanino


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