Well not to say I’m a virtuoso guitarist – far from it – but recently I had to dig into the Kemper Profiling Amplifier and bought a plain-jane electric guitar to fiddle around with the possibilities of this amp.

Now about ten+ years ago I used to have a Tokai Les Paul clone which I scrapped because the neck was unstable and at that time a friend told me to try and keep the humbuckers because Tokai clones had a really good sound.

So I did – and I found the humbuckers in the attic yesterday. (Tokai 57 P.A.F.) so this was the time to put them to renewed use. Although the Kemper Profiling Amplifier can make a cricket sound like a songbird – on a clean output that $80,- electric guitar was sounding really ‘tiny’.

Unfortunately these things do need some woodwork on the guitar so it took me an hour or so but now it’s a totally different sound! You can find a sample below together with small pictures about the conversion:

Plinkaploink sample where I switch the pickup elements a bit and finally put it through the KPA:

photo photo2 photo3


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